What are those Paputy?

The traditional domestic footwear from Nepal. It’s made from the one of the oldest material – the felt. The felt used for production comes from pure sheep’s wool (100%). It passes the special process of forming without a sewing and bonding. In this way, our Slippers can obtain an organic shape free of sewing traces. They are individually matched because of the felt properties. These slippers provide a comfort, warm and breathing of your feet.

Unique as felt

Our Slippers are extremely comfortable and more durable than these universally available. Moreover they are noiseless and do not cause any scratches. It’s all thanks to the felt’s properties.


The manufacturers’ involvement and sensitivity are the source of the Slippers' comfort and shape.


Nepalese people know what’s good! Our Slippers are characterized by the rigidity of the material though in practice they are very soft.  Special clasp keeps your feet in one place and helps in matching. We advise to choose the higher size than as usually.

  • What colour fits you?

    Colour of the Slippers is vivid and durable. They are dyed naturally. Our images show it very well but it depends on the quality of the screen.


  • Gift idea

    The Slippers from Nepal are a perfect gift for your loved ones. All products are packed to the special boxes which are wrapped in Feltiness’ paper.


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