The process begins with the formation of balls made of felt. They are then combined with each other. Our carpets are manufactured without using of machines, patterns and projects – only thanks to creativity and sensitivity of people who manufacture them.


Setting your feet on the Feltiness carpet is a completely new experience. Felt balls are pleasant to the touch, and their irregular surface gives great massage to your feet. Woolen felt used to their production warms, suppress noises and at is 100% natural.


You can admire a variety of carpets' colours. Some of them are made using a contrast. In other there are used a subdued shades. The ones which are the most colourful refer to the Nepal’s tradition. We offer carpets in three sizes: 100cm, 120cm, 150cm of diameter. Their prices depends on the selected size. Make sure that the colour is available in selected size.


We offer round carpets in three siezes: 100, 120 i 150 cm. There's an information about avaliable size and colour by every product. Every carpet is different, be sure that the size you want is avaliable in the selected colour.

  • What colour suits you best?

    If you want to create your own carpet with other colours, or choose a different size or shape – please, write to us! For sure, you will have to wait a little bit longer and the price will be higher but a carpet will be perfectly fitted to your interior.

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